Don’t put up with gout pain – try BiGOUT and reclaim your life back!

Gout may be known as the ‘disease of kings’ but it should be renamed the ‘king of pain’ because, as most gout sufferers will tell you, a gout attack is extremely painful and no laughing matter.

BiGOUT gout treatment is a topical cream that gets under the skin to help dissipate the sharp uric acid crystals that have formed in the joint to cause a gout attack.

The soft, slick BiGOUT cream feels comforting on the skin and is safe to use on any joint. Sufferers report an easing of pain within a few hours of application, but for best results apply and let the cream soak into the skin overnight.

The BiGOUT formula was created by a pharmacist and has since been developed over many years to provide gout sufferers with a simple remedy to help reduce redness, pain and inflammation.

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A gout treatment that stands the test of time

Pharmacist John Trevor Taggart owner and chemist at Taggarts Chemist belfast Northern Ireland created a mixture that has been used to treat alot of ailments over many years form cuts and sores to mild forms of excema.

He worked hand in Hand with his son Trevor in the chemist shop formulated many treatments everyday mostly making them by the raw ingredients.


John passed the compound recipe to his son Trevor, a chemist, who moved to Australia and in turn passed the recipe on to his own son Stephen Taggart.


And so began years of research and development, which have led to modest modifications to the BiGOUT formula to give it a light pleasant scent without reducing any of the detoxifying compounds that are the cornerstone to BiGOUT’s success.

BiGOUT is now used worldwide – a shining testament to the Taggart family’s commitment to helping people with painful gout find the relief they so desperately need.