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Bigout is a cream skin detoxifier which assists in relieving the painful symptoms of gout.


BiGOUT’s soothing cream eases painful gout attacks giving users relief from inflammation, swelling, redness and stiffness within hours of application.

Formulated by a pharmacist, BiGOUT cream is a detoxifier that reduces the uric acid build-up in joints, which causes gout and the associated pain, swelling and inflammation.

Thank you for my sample of Bigout. I do not suffer from gout, but have psoriatic arthritis. My feet are red and sore and swell due to this condition. I spread a small blob of the cream all over my feet and toes and guess what? The swelling went down, and not as sore. The redness did not, but didn’t expect anyway. Would I tell people about Bigout? Yes I would! I’m still using it and even my doctor was amazed as she had never heard of it. I’ve it is also good for arthritic fingers.
KylieChild Care Worker
“Currently I work in child care and love my job working with children. I suffer from gout and the doctors say that I got it from my parents .I have tried medications but they do play up with my stomach and don’t act on my gout straight away for long periods. I met steve at a function from my work and mentioned that I suffer from gout .Steve gave me a jar of his cream called bigout and asked me to try it out. In applying his cream to my ankles the redness and swelling started to go away overnight. ...
PaulExecutive Chef
“My name is Paul I am in a professional role and spending a lot of time supervising kitchen staff, that is extremely stressful. Gout has been troubling me for years from my knee up to my hand and elbow. In my role I need relief from gout because it is so painful. I met up with Steve at my restaurant and he gave me a jar to try. After work I applied his cream to my hand and couldn’t believe that the next day my gout had virtually gone. I am applying his cream to my knee and it does ...
"As a slaughterman my work is very labour intensive and tend to work in the cool room and on my feet for long hours. I have been suffering from gout for at least five years and taking medication when it flares up. This cream called Bigout was recommended to me for gout in late October, said to be a new cream for my condition. After one application my gout on my big toe amazingly seemed to go away overnight. The gout was in my left toe and since I have used it, have never had gout since in that area. ...


Ikaika is a south pacific islander. He is 45 years old, overweight and enjoys having a beer or two after work. He is trying to lose weight and has modified his diet to reduce his intake of offal and shellfish in particular. Gout runs in the family. Ikaika notices that if he has a big weekend eating fatty rich foods, seafood and drinking too much his gout flares in his right big toe.

At the first sign of tingling in his toe, Ikaika applies Bigout cream, rubbing it in well and leaving overnight. When he applies early, he often finds that the flare up immediately subsides. He makes sure to avoid alcohol during a flare up. Using Bigout he has been able to avoid taking strong prescribed oral medications.

*names changed for privacy


Bigout was first established by John Taggart pharmacies of Belfast Northern Ireland. The base formula was an instant success in treating a lot of ailments.

Trevor Taggart then arrived in Australia and worked for a chemical company, before passing this formulation on too his son Stephen Taggart.